Numpad Hero

  Level 0 - Welcome
  Level 1
  Level 2
  Level 3
  Level 4
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  Level 6
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  Level 9
  Game Over - Certification

How This Course Works

The Workbooks

From a high level, here's what you will be seeing. We'll break this down into its component parts below.

The Requirements

a) You must have Microsoft Excel installed to use this workbook.

b) When you open the workbook, make sure you accept all notifications that request enabling macros. Otherwise, the program will not function.

c) Ensure that 'NumLock' or 'NmLk' is ON.


The Level Select

Start with Level 1. Once you've passed any given level, select the next level from the dropdown menu.


The Start Button

Every workbook has a start button. Press it to begin. I dare you.

Start Button

The Shot Clock Timer

Once you press the 'Start' button, the Shot Clock Timer starts counting down.

The Shot Clock tracks how much time you have left and the number of correct and incorrect responses. Once time runs out, it determines whether you are worthy of moving on to the next level. 

 The Random Numbers

After pressing the 'Start' button, you are provided with a never-ending string of numbers. Simply type away on your numpad until you reach infinity (or until the shot clock timer runs out, whichever comes first).


The Hand

If you need guidance and don't have "The Handy Dandy Numpad Fingering Guide" printed and framed on your wall, the animated hand in the Excel will let you know which finger to use:

Hand Typing Example

 The Me

I'm in this with you every step of the way, silently judging your results in real-time.

The Speedometer

Controlled by an extraodinarily complex algorithm that combines time, accuracy, and the current state of the moon, the speedometer makes sure you're answering quickly and accurately.

You want to make this go to the right.


The Certification

When you successfully complete "Level 9 - The Final Chapter" you will be given a super secret code. Go to the section: Game Over - Certification and enter the password to receive your Professional Development Certificate.