Numpad Hero

  Level 0 - Welcome
  Level 1
  Level 2
  Level 3
  Level 4
  Level 5
  Level 6
  Level 7
  Level 8
  Level 9
  Game Over - Certification

Quick Start

If you want to get started quickly, follow the below steps. If you prefer to walk through the course in detail, skip this section and instead go through each lesson step by step. 


1) Review the Numpad Fingering Guide below. Use this finger placement to ensure maximum efficiency. The workbook will remind you of these fingerings, so no need to memorize upfront. Download a printable PDF version here.

2) Download the Excel workbook, ensure appropriate setup, and press the 'Start' button. 

a) Click here to Download the Excel Workbook. Open it.

b) Accept all notifications that request enabling macros.

c) Ensure that 'NumLock' or 'NmLk' is ON.

d) Press the 'Start' button (if you dare).

e) Enter numbers as fast as possible on the Numpad until the timer ends!

3) Level Select: When the message box announces that you're ready for the next level, click on the Level Select dropdown menu and change the level.

4) Certification: When you successfully complete "Level 9 - The Final Chapter" you will be given a super secret code. Go to: Game Over - Certification and enter the password to receive your Professional Development Certificate.